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Task versus Step

Task versus Step

We all deal with daily tasks, such as preparing for a meeting or creating a deliverable. The problem is that the word "task" is too finite or individualistic. What if our tasks are related to each other? Should we care? Maybe we don't if our only objective is to knock them off our list. But, what if we want to get someplace or deliver something great? Read how "steps" are more important than "tasks", and may keep you out of trouble.

Make Projects Easy-As-Pie with Visuals

Ever wonder why so many project tools are designed with lists of data and text? Today, we have more complex projects and more people joining projects, and few have the time and the patience to learn how to use these tools made for the previous era...

Is Non-Disruptive Innovation Better?

A recent Harvard Business Review blog post by Gary Pisano states that the excitement about disruptive innovation has blinded us to one simple irrefutable economic fact: The vast majority of profit from innovation does not come from the initial disruption; it comes from...