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What Is Pie?

"Pie" is the name of our product. "PieMatrix" is the name of our company.  We care a whole lot about you, your projects, and your ingenious ways of making better results.

Pie is a visual project management software platform that combines projects with processes. It's made for complex, repeatable projects and designed to help you get better outcomes that improve over time.

Our platform is different than everything out there. Here are three differentiators.

  • Pie is easier to use for complex projects because of our patented "pie" visual model. Most people do better with visuals than with only text.

  • Pie dynamically connects projects with your best process recipes. No more starting from scratch, and then running into the same issues.

  • Pie engages people to constantly improve the recipes.

All three together is the only way to improve and sustain project success.

Who is it for?

Pie is made for organizations with business processes and projects that are divided up into phases and steps, are moderate to very complex, tend to repeat over and over, and are critical for the business revenue.

Our customers come from many industries like consulting firms (system integrators), health care organizations, airlines, higher education institutions, government, finance and insurance, and others.

Business units who use Pie include Professional Services, IT, HR, Finance, Training, Operations, Development, and others.

People who use Pie include front-line execution team members, managers, directors, executives, stakeholders, end-customer clients, and partners.




The results of your projects are as important as on-time and on-budget. How projects get done matters. Better results happens because Pie enables your people to be more engaged with an elegant experience, with shared knowledge to get each step done in the best way, and with the ability to make it better and better over time. Pie provides the analytics to help make smarter decisions for better change. Traditional tools can get your checklists marked done and tell you how many resources are utilized. What they don't do, that Pie does, is turn your lessons learned and process improvements into market growth and financial gains. That's a recipe for success.