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New Releases

6 Laser-Focused Reasons for Collaboration

This is another sneak preview post in our series of what's new in the upcoming 5.0 release. Today, I will introduce 6 new social views in PIEmatrix and why they are important to business performance. Important --- These social features will be a major addition to PIEmatrix and we hope to get great feedback from our customers as they start to use it.

New 3.26 release

We have recently deployed our version 3.26. The following is a list of new cool items you will find:

  • Milestones will auto-complete when their predecessors are completed.
  • Work hours column for all steps was added to the CSV download feature in the dashboard project detail page.
  • Changed the default view of the User Assignment page so it doesn't show users that are set to the closed state.
  • We now have preference settings for the task due notifications.
  • Plain text email format is now available as an option.

Thank you to all of our customers who continue to provide great feedback and new feature requests.