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Taming the monster process

This post is about implementing what Forrester calls a collaborative process or what Gartner calls an unstructured process. It's a process that is not automated for transactional purposes, but is more fluid and driven by people, which accounts for about 80% of all business processes.

Leverage your team for defining project best practices

Do you need to build best practices for your projects? Maybe you can spit it out in one sitting. Maybe not. I recently wrote about using crowdsourcing to help build best practices for projects. The concept is working with your peers from different organizations, across industries. The power of leveraging others' experiences is a win. Today, I want to focus on outsourcing to your own internal team.

Starting a best practice from scratch leveraging files

Writing best practice or process content from scratch can sometimes feel like writing a book. You have that blank page starring back at you, waiting, waiting. Oh, can't start now, gotta deal with this new fire. I'll get back to it later. As mentioned in my previous blog, fires can easily keep you from figuring out how to avoid them in the first place. At some point (hopefully), you will find time so here are some ideas.