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Taming the monster process

This post is about implementing what Forrester calls a collaborative process or what Gartner calls an unstructured process. It's a process that is not automated for transactional purposes, but is more fluid and driven by people, which accounts for about 80% of all business processes.

3 Reasons for User Adoption Death Gaps (Part 2)

In our previous Part 1 version of this blog, I introduced the 3 reasons why there is a gap between the total number of software solutions and tools and the number of those that have been well adopted (used daily). 3 reasons for the adoption death gap:

3 Reasons for User Adoption Death Gaps (Part 1)

Any product's success can be determined by user adoption. If they don't use it, it wasn't successful. Enterprise software faces this challenge every day. Millions are spent on the software and configuration only later to find that people don't use them.

Why Messaging Features are Important

As you may have read in my recent PIEmatrix News blog, we’re expanding social features in the upcoming 5.0 release. I’m here today to share my thoughts on why you might use PIEmatrix or another collaborative application to talk with your co-workers about the work you’re doing, as opposed to say, walking over to their desk or phoning them to have a quick chat.

Process or People?

There has been a lively discussion on LinkedIn about which to invest in first, process or people. Many said to first invest in people and others said to first invest in process. I suggested in the discussion to invest in both at the same time. Or better yet, why not make the investment in human resource a process in itself?