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project management

Make Projects Easy-As-Pie with Visuals

Ever wonder why so many project tools are designed with lists of data and text? Today, we have more complex projects and more people joining projects, and few have the time and the patience to learn how to use these tools made for the previous era...

How would Steve Jobs have done a tool selection?

Have you ever conducted a vendor selection and given the winning prize to the vendor that had the most requirement features checked? And how about finding a year later that that the tool is not being used as expected? Did you not worry since you were able to show management that you did the right thing since you can demonstrate that the selected vendor tool does all of things in the features requirement list? No heads roll. No problem. This is a common story since many of us tend to get stuck with the features war syndrome.

Why Projects Fail? The 2 Real Reasons!

Why do projects fail? Just google it and you will find over 400,000 results. Check out the listings on the first two pages of the Google results and you will find they all list the same reasons. Check out the famous Standish Chaos Report or Michael Krigsman's Why 37 percent of projects fail report. They point to common issues.

New Transportation Options to Keep Projects Healthy

Today, I was reading a FastCompany article called Why Better Transportation Options Keep You Healthy. It's a good writeup with some infographics. I lived in the Netherlands for a year and got infused with the bike culture where people of all ages use their bikes to go to work, buy groceries, and visit friends. This article led me to think about a correlation between the transportation of people versus the transportation of information within projects and business processes.

Chaos, Order, Alive! Live Webinar Recording

Improve your efficiency and effectiveness by 40%? Have you heard this before? Well, you will hear it again. My approach to effectiveness is rock solid if you have the desire to move up to the Alive! process and people maturity level (see the webinar recording), work hard, and garnish commitment and accountability. I can't help with the last two, but I can show how the Alive! part can be done with mixing people, best practices, and technology in a blender.  

Declaring Independence from Microsoft

During the Project Management Revolution, the smart separation of the Gazelle Business Colonies from Microsoft occurred on July 2, 1776, when the Second Continental Congress voted with their intuition to approve a resolution of independence that had been proposed in June by Richard Henry Lee of Virginia declaring fast growing companies and their business managers independent from the requirements to use Excel or Microsoft Project for planning and executing business processes.

The ROI of Your Online Project Management Software

Many organizations who send out an RFP for project and portfolio management or PPM software tend to focus on feature list. I have yet found one company to ask for a projected ROI based on value. I'm not sure why. Is it because ROI is not their primary focus? Or is it because estimating ROI is too difficult? As an enterprise online project management software vendor, I have come up with my own ROI approach.

The best-practice curve theory

We often think of project management, portfolio governance, and project execution as doing a list of steps or tasks. The underlining work being done is really a process, which could be clunky or really smooth. Here's my question: what happens when we do our work one way compared with when we do it the absolute best way?