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We started PieMatrix with you in mind. 

At inception, we felt that people deserved a better tool to help them get more engaged with creativity and productivity. We understand that all of you have the ability to improve the way you do things on a daily basis. Therefore, we work hard to help you become successful with Pie. It starts with serving you the best possible Pie application to bring your business value and to make it easy to use.

Pie is robust, but usable. It has gained traction in the market by offering an alternative to traditional tools.
— Margo Visitacion, PPM Analyst, Forrester Research
I can onboard new consultants in days instead of weeks. We received a 30% increase in team productivity from those using Pie.
— David Rizk, COO, Navin Haffty & Associates (MEDITECH Health Care Systems Integration)
I love Pie because I hate project management. Thank you for making my life easier and simpler.
— Peter Chaloux, MBA Healthgroup (Healthcare, Systems Integration)
From day one it has been nothing but easy to use for all of our colleagues. Additionally, you are not signing a contract to deal with Pie, but to create a relationship!
— John MacDonough, Precyse (Healthcare, Software Development)
It’s so easy to use – I just love it.
— Harold Horn, Ericsson (Telecom Technology)
PIE helps document and easily improve ongoing repeatable processes for projects such as new customer installations, software implementations and event planning.
— Sherry Watson, Project Manager, Vermont Information Processing
I believe that the PIEmatrix solution is a value add for our Clients and will provide ‘another’ important differentiator for Navin, Haffty & Associates,
— John Haffty, CEO
Pie takes the stress away. It’s like having a super smart, incredibly detailed oriented, well-organized assistant!
— Jimena Huaco, Champlain College (Finance, Higher Education)
I love Pie because it has awesome slices and layers - an easy to duplicate “crust” with the option of adding a variety of spices and fillings - and sharing is easier than pie!
— Sheila Cameron, Middlebury College (Higher Education)
Very simple (yet attractive) UX – intuitive to learn.
— Jarrett DuBois, Precyse (Healthcare, EHR consulting)
Why I love Pie from PieMatrix: It’s ease of use and graphically intuitive design.
— Colin Kemble, Manager, Cognizant (Healthcare, EHR consulting)
Pie is easy to navigate so the learning curve is shortened, and it helps to make project work fun! And the customer service is fantastic.
— Tee Mulhall, Champlain College (Higher Education)
Our world is made up of repeatable processes. Pie gets your mind wrapped around your project’s repeatable processes with quick and easy-to-understand visualization. As an added benefit - it is fun!
— Brian McQueen, E-gineering, LLC (Software Development)
In a word, it simplifies.
— Karen Marshall, Cogent Strategies (Business Performance Consulting)
All the tools that a project manager needs at their finger tips. The product and service are exceptional.
— Barbara Barlow Powers, Lane Community College, (IT, Higher Education)
Pie de-clutters my head, allowing me to think about the big questions. Using templates is fabulous; I never have to recreate the wheel.
— Corinna Noelke, Middlebury College (IT, Higher Education)
Pie provides an appealing and refreshing new way to view projects and portfolios that no other enterprise project management does.
— Matthew Paplin, Stoney Brook University (IT, Higher Education)
Pie changes project planning from a “box checker” tracking tool to the force that drives the project. The transparency of actual progress just doesn’t exist in other planning tools.
— Dean Williams, Cognizant (Healthcare, EHR consulting)
Pie is very robust.
— Emad Aziz, Brisk Business (Professional Services)
A system that will get you off the spreadsheets, increase your productivity up to 30%, and make work fun again.
— John Black, Humana (Healthcare, Insurance Provider)