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Make a wish.

I wish I made higher margins from each engagement. 

I wish for consistent methodology execution.

I wish I could onboard new consultants faster.

I wish my consultants would share lessons learned. 

I wish my clients would purchase more services.


Get off from Excel, Project, and other task-list tools that don't make your client delivery implementation methodologies come alive. Start improving your EHR, healthcare compliance, and other implementation projects or managed services with our Pie cloud platform. Prioritize your current state, integrate the right ingredients, and get work done better.

You don't need a task-list tool. You need a wish-list tool.



Enhance your Client Delivery process.

Pie. Create your processes as visual “Pie Templates.” Use your client delivery processes as cookie-cutters to instantly kickoff better projects. The video on the right is an example of how an EHR implementation process can be set up.
Bake & Serve. We can help you learn how to get quick-wins with training and tips for your consultants.
Consume. Your field managers will then create or import best practices from your EHR implementation pie templates.

Go, collaborate, and govern.

Pie. Your consulting mangers plan and lead, team members collaborate and execute with confidence, and executives govern with the visual portfolio dashboard. Give your clients transparency as added value.
Bake & Serve. We will show you how to set up a scaling training process to help all of your consultants quickly get up to speed with Pie adoption.
Consume. Achieve faster projects with lower issues and risks. Accomplish your wish list.

Learn, make it better, accomplish.

Pie - Lessons learned from your teams drive your new EHR projects with constant improvement. Our unique dynamic technology auto updates your projects in real time from innovative changes to your pie templates.
Bake & Serve - We can show you how to optimize your processes for an even more productive future.
Consume. Build a professional services process culture that’s Stellar!