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Make a wish.

I wish I could get NPD projects done faster. 

I wish for consistent, great NPD results. 

I wish for more revenue from new products. 

I wish my team members would be more engaged. 

I wish compliance would be less messy.


Get off from Excel, Project, and other tools that don’t focus on process and start driving your New Product Development (NPD) life cycle with Pie. Prioritize your current state, integrate the right ingredients, and accomplish your wish list.



Align your process.

Pie. Create your processes as visual “Pie Templates”. Use the NPD frameworks and methods. Create NPD cookie-cutters used to instantly kickoff your projects.
Bake & Serve. We can help you learn how to get quick-wins with training and tips for your NPD experts.
Consume. Your managers kick-off best practices from your NPD pie templates.

Go, collaborate, and govern.

Pie. Mangers plan and lead, team members collaborate and execute with confidence, and executives govern with the visual portfolio dashboard.
Bake & Serve. Watch how-to videos from any page in the app or we can help you drive project governance with our consulting or set you up with a PMO-as-a-Service partner.
Consume. Achieve fast and compliant go-to-market launches. Accomplish your wish list.

Learn, make it better, accomplish.

Pie - Lessons learned from your teams drive your new NPD projects with constant improvement. Our unique dynamic technology auto updates your projects in real time from innovative changes to your pie templates.
Bake & Serve - We can show you how to optimize your processes for an even more productive future.
Consume. Build a culture that’s stellar!