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You can use Pie for any complex and repeatable process across your enterprise, But we believe you will love us for...


EHR Implementation Pie Solution.

For health care professional services and consulting firms that deliver integration systems, such as Electronic Health Records (EHR): Make your delivery methodologies consistent, actionable, and scaleable. Drive your client projects with better processes that lead to higher margins and repeatable business. 

NPD Life Cycle Pie Solution.

For mid to large-sized organizations that have repeatable New Product Development (NPD) life cycles that cross many departments and where the go-to-market is critical: Run your processes in Pie for better collaboration, faster compliance, and higher quality results. Pie will help you realize your NPD improvement wish list.


The Pie Application.

Imagine your workplace with people walking about with content in their heads, which includes their experiences, ideas, and lessons learned. We believe that with Pie, you can capture these experiences, ideas, and lessons learned, and make them come alive as a dynamic solution for everyone to share. Although Pie is robust, the following are some highlights of what makes us different.


Real-Time Improvement.

Lessons learned are baked right into your project templates, ready for repeatable use. With Pie's patented dynamic Pie Templates, you can inject process updates into any running projects!

Visual Dashboard.

Pie has the most simple, yet powerful, visual dashboard for your projects and puts the most critical KPIs right at your fingertips. No need to wade through complex queries and reports.

Visual Process.

Pie's elegant and powerful interface allows you to easily plan & visualize hyper-complex processes with stages, gates, steps, tasks, subs, swim lanes, and best practices content.


Shared Knowledge.

Project Managers shouldn't have to nag and hunt for what they need. Pie puts everyone in charge of their contribution to the project and notifies them when it's their turn to contribute.

Issues & Risks Solved.

Waiting for weekly meetings to learn about problems? Pie exposes risks and issues visually, in real-time, and encourages instant "social media" style conversations about them.

Wish list accomplished.

At the end of the day, it's all about not only getting your work done, but also getting the right results that's aligned to your personal, business, and customer wishes.


Bake in Pie Knowledge.

We teach your selected Pie trainers how to use Pie and to teach others in your company. We help you get your processes in Pie ready for quick wins. Once ready, your trainers teach your end-users.


Train the Trainers.

The first phase is to help you teach your company how to use Pie. We do this with the Train-the-Trainer program. This includes live training and ready-to-use Pie training content. 

Build "Pie" Content.

Next, we will help you import or create your processes as "Pie Templates". These 'Pies' will become your dynamic methodology that can be used repeatedly for like-projects.

Train End-Users & Launch.

The final phase is to train your end-users on both the Pie application and your process content. While the learning is fresh, your teams will kick off your key projects and execute with confidence.



Your true success lies in this phase. Once your teams kick off and start executing, we then show you how to follow up and optimize. We have learned that customers who don't focus on serving their culture will never get to the "stellar" process maturity level.

Do you want to accomplish your wish lists over and over? Then serve your people. And succeed.


Follow Up & Re-Train.

It took Yo-Yo Ma 10,000 hours of training to become an expert. Of course we don't expect your team to take that long, but the message here is that practice makes perfect.


Your real power to constantly achieving your wish list and building a stellar culture of improvement is to seriously take those lessons learned and incorporate them into your Pies.


Your system is in place and working. Now you can replicate your successes across your enterprise. PieMatrix customers use Pie for many different business units. You can too!