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made visual pleasing.

Easy peasy Pie is peachy.


Quick snack.

Let’s say you have a super short project, such as end of month accounting todos or setting up a family vacation. Whether for business or personal, your project with a dozen or so tasks can be created and shared within a few seconds. The sweet part is your simple project has its own pie to show progress.

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 5.05.47 PM.png

A full meal? Slice it up.

A more robust project would run fabulously with our “pie slices”. Pie allows you to slice up your project into visual phases. Click on a slice (project phase) and it pops open the work at hand. Imagine a pizza pie or apple pie where each slice has the ingredients of your project, such as tasks with their ‘how-to” descriptions, assignments, custom project roles, dependencies, dates, etc.


Simple for complex.

Pie really shines for more complex projects that have a team of dozens, hundreds to thousands of tasks, and take months or years to complete. Why the heck do enterprise project and portfolio management applications need to be so hard to use? We figured out it doesn’t have to be hard and ugly. Years of design and development has lead us to a friendly for humans app that’s like an onion, peeling back layers to reveal robust features. This onion will bring tears of joy, not burn.


Simple for the rest of us

Your colleague from IT may have been working with software for years and prefer features over function. Meanwhile, most of people on your project teams are not so experienced with navigating complex tools. Let’s say even if you or others are master geeks. Wouldn’t it be a breath of fresh air to work with an app that is robust enough for your needs, yet fun and simple to use?


Enterprise app used for buying groceries?

Are you kidding? No way! Not possible!

Well… Yes, it is. Pie may be the first enterprise-capable project management application that can even be used for your shopping list. Need to stop at the groceries and pick up some ingredients for your home-made pecan pie? Try to do that with enterprise project tools or even the common Microsoft Project application. Good luck dude!

We designed Pie from the bottom up to cover enterprise-level needs while making our tool for the same people in your organization who need to get complex projects done at the office, buy food on the way home, or build a backyard deck on the weekend. People are people and getting good project results should be simple as pie.

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 5.04.48 PM.png