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3 Workspaces

Projects with tasks, process boxes, and sprint boards

Project pie slices (phases)

Project portfolio

Repeatable Recipes (project templates)

Due dates

Task progress

Messages posting at project level

File attachments at project level

Simple personal task list

iOS/Android Responsive Web App

Help Center with user guides

Plus more… See comparison sheet


$5 per user per month

Same as Free plus…

Unlimited Workspaces under organization structure

Files attached at task and phase levels

Start and due dates

Task duration

Project people permission management

Task checklist

Task color and text tags

Task move to other locations

Project and recipe tags

Message, issue, risk, idea postings at all levels

Export data for reporting

Plus more… See comparison sheet


$15 per user per month

Same as Free and Pro plus…

Agile sprint automated features


Stacks for grouping projects

Dependencies and notification workflow

Project task filters

Recipe task duration planning

File folders and URL file objects

Project task filters

Time tracking and time reporting

Custom project task roles (job titles)

Custom project data fields and reporting

Plus more… See comparison sheet