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PRiSM is an international process-based methodology for managing change. PRiSM integrates sustainability into core project phases to reduce negative environmental and social impacts. GPM Global is the producer of PRiSM.

Pie is a process-based methodology execution tool for repeatable and sustainable processes. PieMatrix is the producer of Pie.

Together, you can now use Pie to easily execute PRiSM.

GPM Global and PieMatrix has teamed up making the PRiSM methodology immediately available as a plug-in, ready-to-use methodology process in Pie.


try PRISM today with Pie

Sign up for a 14-day free Pie trial and get a copy of PRiSM ready to execute. The following is a two step sign up process. 

1) Click the trial sign up button to get your Pie Trial account.

2) Fill out the form below for instructions on how to download the PRiSM methodology into your Pie account. Enter the code "PRISMPIE" in the form below.



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