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93% said results matter more than time and budget.

We ran a survey during International Project Management Day asking management at firms if end results is more or less important than time and budget. The answer is that 93% said end results was more important. Why do most tools promote features on time and budget? Sure, it’s important, but we feel our tool should focus even more on helping you provide great project results. Since that’s what really matters.

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Recipe frameworks really works.

Make a buffet of pies, each one special enough giving your team ample choices to select the right process or agile/process hybrid for project execution needs.

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It’s all about your secret sauce.

Your project success magic starts with the know-how content ingredients. This comes from your experts who has great experience with what works and what doesn’t. Your sauce can also include Agile Sprint processes.

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Team collaboration includes issues & ideas

The power of project success comes from your team engagement. We make it super easy to share issues, risks, and new ideas. Messaging includes the @mention feature for directing notifications to those who need to know.