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Appetizers and the
5-course project app meal.

Let’s say you have a super short project for planning your family holiday. Or let’s say your company is implementing an eighteen-month hospital patient records system with sixty team members. Pie has you covered.

We designed Pie to have the power you need, but keep the user experience fun and simple. Enterprise teams working on monster projects are human too. Why force them to use complex tools when they can use Pie to get the job done. We imaged having robust features for super duper projects while thinking out to use it for a grocery list app. We believe we’ve done it!

simple project.png

The quick snack.

Pie is super fast and friendly to get a short simple project up in running in a few clicks. You can create it from scratch on-the-fly, or leverage an existing Pie recipe (project template) for repeatable stuff, such as a dozen monthly bookkeeping tasks. As you mark your tasks done, the pie gives you a visual green bar to show how much is completed.

big project.png

The big meal. Slice it up for easy bites.

Pie is enterprise-ready for super large projects that have hundreds or thousands of tasks. We make it simple for your team members to consume complexity with a breeze by slicing up the project into pie slices (phases) and process boxes (milestone buckets). It’s like pealing back an onion. Pie also has a "pie stacking” feature for grouping projects into a program that includes a roll-up progress view for all children projects.

Stack projects.png

Simple for complex.

Pie really shines for more complex projects (programs) that have a sub-projects. Why the heck do enterprise portfolio management tools need to be so hard to use? We figured out it doesn’t have to be big and ugly. For example, we use “stacks” for layering sub-projects on large engagements. Years of design and development has lead us to a more friendly humane app that has combines power with ease of use.

On My Plate.png

I just ate what’s on my plate.

The On My Plate feature is a one-stop shop for your tasks across all of your projects that are due this week. You can create a person task with one click or review what needs your attention for today. Drag and drop to reorder or move to another day. You can also see your message posts from this page.

Enterprise app that can also be used for buying groceries on your iPhone? Yes, way.


Enterprise app used for buying groceries?

Are you kidding? No way! Not possible!

Well… Yes, it is. Pie may be the first enterprise-capable project management application that can even be used for your shopping list. Need to stop at the groceries and pick up some ingredients for your home-made pecan pie? Try to do that with enterprise project tools. Good luck dude!


Simple for the rest of us

Your colleague from IT may have been working with software for years and prefer lots of features. Meanwhile, most people on your project teams are not so experienced with navigating complex tools. Wouldn’t it be a breath of fresh air to work with a project management app that is robust enough for your needs, yet fun, visual, and simple to use?