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What is Pie?

"Pie" is the name of our project management app. "PieMatrix" is the name of our company. We care a whole lot about you, your projects, and your ingenious ways of making better results.

Pie is a visual project management software platform that combines visual ease-of-use, process, and repeatable recipes for constant improvement. Our platform is different than everything out there on these points.

  • Easier to use for complex projects because of our patented "pie" visual model.

  • Choose between pie slices, process boxes, and boards or use all within one project.

  • Pie engages people to constantly improve the recipes.

All three together provides the power to improve and sustain project success.


Who is it for?

Pie is made for individuals for simple and quick short projects or for enterprises with complex projects that are divided up into phases, tend to repeat over and over, and are critical for driving business revenue.

Our customers come from many industries like consultancies. system integrators, health care, airlines, higher education, government, finance and insurance, non-profits, freelancers, and others organizations.

People who use Pie include front-line team members, managers, directors, executives, stakeholders, end-customer clients, and end-customer partners.